2014 Los Angeles Firecracker Run

A friend of mine, an ultramarathoner, had warned me that the Firecracker 5K/10K would be challenging. Well, I had no idea. The start gun went off, my feet naturally sprinted towards the front of the line, and then I saw myself face to face with a steady climb laid out in front of me. Wait...I was going to run up there...? 

I finished 3rd Place.
After the initial surprise, I relaxed and regrouped. Focusing on only the steps right in front of me, my feet sought support and found it. One foot after the other, and suddenly I found myself at the highest elevation of Elysian Park. Oh my! Pausing in this moment for a split second, my feet came to a standstill. Hard earned, high over the Figueroa Tunnels above the 110 freeway, amidst tree-lined rolling hills, I was looking out at a breathtaking, indescribable 180 degrees' vista of Los Angeles. 

Refreshed and in high spirits, I began my descend from the hills of Elysian Park, down Stadium Way and under the 110 freeway back to Broadway towards the finish line. Giving it all up, I entered the finish line, finishing 3rd in my age group. Jimmy was right, it was a challenging 5K/10K Run, but oh so worth it!