Going the Distance

By Colleen Yorke
Navigational Art and Directions By Colleen Yorke, © 2015.
It has taken years and many runs to realize that it is not the style or the clothes that define us. It is not the speed at which we run, or the distance we have crossed. What defines us are our thoughts. Do we think we are a runner? Well then, so we are.
Every morning we wake up – we have a choice. We can run the day, or we can let the day run us. After spending weeks on the treadmill it felt wonderful to be outside. Instead of stressing about everything I was missing or everything I should be doing, I let go, something I have been doing a lot of lately. I went for a run, breathing in the cold air and feeling the mist of the fog settle on my face, remembering why I fell in love with running in the first place. At this hour, alone on the road, with the only sound being my shoes softly touching the pavement, I reminded myself that "I am enough".  
The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline. Dedication is what gets us there.