Running For Gold

By Colleen Yorke
Navigational Art and Directions By Colleen Yorke, © 2017.

We could all use a hug from time to time. Caught in myths of the best and the brightest and the self-made, we constantly feel the pressure of beating our PR. We are the generation convinced that if we are good at something, it must be effortless. Admission of defeat or failure often is not an option. As we lean in, plug in, chip in - balancing many different roles in different settings - we find ourselves nearing the end of one very frayed rope. 

In our pursuits to "win", we often lose sight of what is important. Last Sunday a teenager collapsed and died minutes after finishing her first half marathon in Virginia. New York Daily News writes: "She fought the good fight". While running and finishing a race is an incredible gratifying experience, there is more to life than that. Society lionizes athletes, and it is not healthy.  To the Did-Not-Finishers (DN)F a race should not be seen as a failure, but as an admirable act of courage to start something daring. 

We all have setbacks and deal with disappointments at some point in our lives. We need to remind ourselves that failing something does not define who we are. We learn about ourselves, and we discover what we want from life. And if it does occasionally seem we barely escaped a fire, emerging from the wreckage with nothing, we are the architects of our own life. We can purposefully rebuild from the ground up (and with a much more solid foundation.)

Tomorrow is the International Day of Happiness. Give someone a hug!