Foothill 5K Run

The first person to cross the finish line was a 15-year-old, who conquered trails with 1,245 feet elevation gain in just over 20 minutes. The second person to cross the finish line, about a minute later, was 59.  

This year's 5K Foothill Challenge was organized by Back on my Feet to raise money and public awareness for the non-profit organization's charitable efforts, eliminating homelessness and getting back on the feet by running.*

Second Overall Female Finisher.
It was my first race back from a bad hamstring injury, and I trained for weeks to be "ready" for this challenging climb. The course, a never-ending climb on narrow, single-track trails, snaking up and down with sharp turns and only a few fences, provided enough "dare" for even the most daring runners.  After two miles the course finally gradually descended, and realizing that I actually might make it to the finish line as first overall female finisher, adrenaline kicked in, giving me renewed energy to finish strong.  Unfortunately, just before the finish line, Gail pushed past me in one smooth glide.  Inches away from a first place overall win, I tore through the finish line as second overall female and first in my age group.

My father, who never ran a race before (but he insists that playing basketball every week is essentially the same thing), participated as well, finishing all three miles with a respectable time, and second in his age group.  

 It was fun, and I will definitely return in 2016.

* Back on my Feet has three meetup locations for interested volunteers and runners: the Homeboy Bakery, the Union Rescue Mission, the CLARE Foundation.  Runs are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30 am, respectively.