Stolen Minutes

To understand why we run, that is the hardest and easiest question. Running refines us. It allows us to refocus and reprioritize, leaving just enough room for what really counts. Life is a series of paradoxes. To find ourselves, we get lost. To gain, we lose. To know the light, we plunge into the dark. The meeting of two worlds. A double exposure. Oddly compliant and timorous. Our time does not run in a circle, it runs ahead in a straight line. We have times of connectedness and times of parallel lives. Sometimes a little escape offers the perspective we need to see.

This morning, I laced up my running shoes and went for an early pre-dawn run through Berlin. Enveloped by the silence of the night and the mist of a new day, I do my own little speed workout. Not a soul out, this time is mine, and mine alone, sixty stolen minutes in the dark. Chasing down Berlin’s rose line, the Stra├če des 17. Juli, past Brandenburger Tor and Charlottenburger Tor, my feet take me 12 miles down, from east Berlin to west Berlin at a new personal-record setting pace.
Brandenburger Tor. Berlin, Germany.

When was the last time we gave our all? When did we pull so hard for a dream that we got red-faced and our feet hurt from our simple and adamant refusal to let it slide? 

With so many time constraints, rules, limits and routines in the hectic pace of our lives, many of us need a another place where we can set our own pace, even if it just for six miles.