Always Running Against the Wind

Navigational Art and Directions by Colleen Yorke, © 2015.

Running is better than therapy. The DTLA Running Group has changed my life in profound ways. The group is made up of diverse, young professionals, who are interested in music, law, science, art, and other cultures. Some runners visit from abroad and stay with us for a brief while, tracking their marks through Los Angeles' road maze. Others have set their foot prints onto other continents and are the richer for it. Languages such as Farsi, French and Spanish are spoken, and on a weekly basis runners reload on beer and carbs, re-connecting with other pacers after a city night run. Thanks to the group I have grown as a runner, I have made great friends, and after years of uneasy relation, I finally considered Los Angeles a "home". When I run, I clear my heart and my soul. I empty out my lungs and I give my legs all I have got. And at the end of a run, I am a step closer to my new horizons. Running is better than therapy. To change things around, in the end, it is entirely up to you, and how far you are willing to run to meet your goal.