Downtown Los Angeles Running

Navigational Artwork and Directions by Colleen Yorke, © 2015.

A marathon takes about 40,000 steps to complete, and every step puts up to four times our body weight on each foot. As of today I have been running a little over 1,500 miles, the equivalent of 58 marathon races, about 2 million steps, inflicting a total of 1.38 trillion pounds of pressure on my feet, and knees. How could my body possibly take all of that pounding? And wouldn't it be smart to stop? Surely, there are sports gentler to the bones than running...!

Then I find myself on the road again, taking in the view, breathing in the life and smells of a city I love. I run the streets of Los Angeles, get lost, and find myself again. Running inspired me to track my routes and to create navigational artwork for other runners sharing the road with me. I have created and collected over 55 different runs through the heart of Los Angeles, and here I would like to share them with you, one by one. 

Run along side with me, and stay tuned!