DTLA Running Goes CicLAvia

At the Finish Line of CicLAvia. Miracle Mile, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, as we all know, is not exactly a 'walkable' city. The sidewalks and the traffic congestion have been rated among the worst in the United States. CicLAvia promotes active transportation and community involvement through biking events. Today, for our fourth CicLAvia event, some DTLA Runners decided to 'own' the road before the cyclists whirred through. When do we ever get a chance to run in the middle of the street with no traffic or lights, except when we are racing? At the crack of dawn, we started our running journey on Wilshire Blvd, a street that unlike any other captures the pulsating vein of the city Los Angeles itself. 

At the Start Line of CicLAvia. Pershing Square, 2015.
Parts of what we now know as Wilshire Boulevard date back to the area’s earliest known inhabitants. Tongva Indians gathered material for their settlements from la brea (“the tar”) pits in today’s Miracle Mile area. Part of their trails from downtown to the tar pits and the ocean was later frequented by Spanish explorers and settlers, who called it El Camino Viejo (“the old road”). Today 'the old road' has its fair share of felt presence of footprints (present and past), unique sights, and even more stories. 

Urban runners are an intriguing group of people. From the crazy, the inspiring, the driven, the motivated, and even the stubborn, our running exploits are tenacious as we chase after our own unicorn pursuits, whatever they may be. From a fifteen year old to an elite runner, our group represented quite the diverse spectrum of runners enjoying the car-free roads this morning. We run LA. 

See you on the road again soon!