At Ease

Navigational Art By Colleen Yorke, © 2015.

Why do we run? For the adrenaline and the rush of movement? For a quick fix of endorphins? We all have our reasons why we lace up our sneakers and hit the roads. About two years ago, I did not think I could even run 4 miles. A year later, some 1,900 miles down the road, and proud owner of a marathon finisher medal, running has become essential. Running is not slogging through the miles (although I do track every mile), or trying to sweat out last night’s good times, it is so much more than that. I run with a group, runners who I now call my friends. Friendships come in different shapes and sizes, from wiry, pale bookworms to the wind-burned jocks. They see me sweaty and having a beer with them not showered, and presumably they like me anyway. 

No lull in the conversations, except those enforced by downtown's steepest of the hills (Grand Avenue!) - up, as we struggle for breath, and down, as we concentrate on keeping our skies underneath us. What is discussed on a run stays on a run. These are the friends who give us a hand and an ear, who help us up the pavement when we do fall, and stick by us as we outrun havoc, even if we end up with a few tear stains on our running shoes. And I certainly know from personal experience, it is possible to cry and run at the same time, but at least I am running. Whatever our initial reason was we took up running, we come to discover we feel at ease, quite simply, we are happier, when we run.