New Starting Lines

Navigational Art and Directions By Colleen Yorke, © 2016.
There are certain places and parts of our past we can access physically: Running through them, no matter what direction we are going, we are always coming home. We run these steps by heart, the paths that take us back to ourselves. We have played here, thought things through here, fallen in love here, and fallen apart here. Definitions of who we are we have outgrown, but the paths are more or less the same.  

Running these beaten paths feels like time travel – as if we step out and back into our everyday routine, have an adventurous journey, and no one is the wiser. Some of us find ourselves pausing at another mile marker, meeting it with some measure of trepidation, some fear. Are we on target? Do we have what it takes to finish strong? Will our training be sufficient? Are we prepared for the hills? Maybe part of why I run is to find out what I am up against.

I love new beginnings, second chances, springing forward and falling back on the clock, accepted apologies, PR, and journals full of blank pages. I love not knowing and the curiosity of wanting to find out; Moments that change a finish line into a starting line. Too often we fly past these mile markers, barely noting them in our rush to get to “next”. I want to make a point to notice, to spend some time and consider the things I am leaving behind.

With every decision we make comes change, new beginnings and some ends.