Every Runner Has a Reason. What is Yours?

Navigational Art and Directions By Colleen Yorke, © 2015

Every runner has a story. Whatever reason got us into running, “something clicked”, and today... countless miles later, running is part of who we are. We run in 90 degree-heat, rain, snow, sleet, wind. We run through every season and at every time of the day. We run for beer and tacos. We run hills and mountains. We run through muddy obstacles and colored paint – just for fun. Running groups such as DTLARunning, Backlistla, The Republic, BomF, RunwithUs keep us on our toes and on schedule. 

Coming from different backgrounds and life experiences, we share the love of the run. The sport has infinitely scalable goals that can be set, adjusted, readjusted and pursued until achieved. With determination and dedication we go after our PR (personal record) to reset our limits. We get back on our feet, and we blow past lines we thought too far to reach. Running keeps us grounded, and it sets us free.

What is your reason?