Fish Out of Water

Navigational Art and Directions By Colleen Yorke, © 2015.
Why do we run? When, and why do we join a running club or team?

We all have our personal motivations and stories. As for me, growing up in Germany, I was first introduced to running some two decades ago (for the full story visit The Point of Running). I would run here and there, through a primeval forest close to my home, dark with trees dripping with green moss, my footsteps muffled by leaves and pines blanketing the ground. Pockets of ferns unfurled through it all, and occasionally a gleaming mushroom, bravely made its stand. Peaks and valleys. The central mountain in the landscape of my life. After a very short morning run, I felt alive, vindicated, and ready for anything. 

Growing up in a family of competitive swimmers, I was the "fish out of water". Years and many runs later, we may come to realize that it is not about running faster or longer, but about who we run with. I discovered the beauty of sharing my runs with like-minded people. Whether it is training for my first Marathon, and even running it, drinking a beer post-run or driving 200 miles for a muddy 6 miles’ run - I find myself on the road, exploring, observing, noting and breathing in the life and smells of a city I love. I run the streets of Los Angeles, get lost, and find myself again.

Instead of stressing about everything we are missing or everything we should be doing, we go for a run and remember why we fell in love with running in the first place.