Go Like Never Before - Skechers Performance

I have run approximately 4,500 miles in Skechers Performance shoes.

My 10th model of GoRun Skechers Performance, 2015.
I first came in contact with Skechers Performance in January 2013.  I entered a shoe retailer to find an alternative for my somewhat athletic-looking high school P.E. shoes, dusting away in my closet since the late 90’s.  Preferably the replacement shoes had to be black, in my size, and affordable.  Little did I know about gait, arch support, grip, or trending wear.  Happy to have found black shoes that fit and were reasonable in price, I walked out just minutes later.  ‘Twas my first pair of Skechers.

During my first marathon race, the M strike featured, Resalyte-cushioned, lightweight Skechers Performance Gorun helped me cross the finish line without incident.  (Just to be sure, I did get my shoes blessed by a Messenger outside the LA Cathedral the day before.)  Since then, I chose Skechers Performance shoes over other brands. 

Every once in awhile, running friends react surprised: “You are running in Skechers!” they would exclaim.  Many think of Skechers as an urban streetwear sneaker, born out of the Californian surf culture of the late 1970s/early 1980s, purchased late summer and worn for the first day back to school. 

But the Los Angeles-based business, launched in 1982 and headquartered in Manhattan Beach, has achieved prominence across the global endurance sports marketCurrently, its Performance footwear division, represented by marathon elites Karsa Goucher and Meb Keflezighi, is gaining fast popularity among athletes of all calibers.   

This is my second year as LA Marathon Ambassador, and I could not be more pleased to run the 2016 Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon in Skechers Performance shoes.  

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