The Art of Balancing

Some of us are hopelessly addicted to running.  Aside from the obvious stress release, we find comfort in knowing that by dedication (and discipline!), we are taken on a journey of many miles.   It is by training that we become better runners, and I think nicer ones too.  If we do not get to run, we are irritable (translation: unbearable for other family members), and we slog through the entire day, unfocused and moody.  

I see law school as a run.  Six segments, ten weeks, 130 hours a week, over the course of three years.  With all that we have to compartmentalize in a very short amount of time, it is easy to lose track of why we applied to law school in the first place. Now in my second year of law school, with the enormous pressure of grades and performing well, I was beginning to lose sight of my goals.  

It was my mother, who reminded me today, that I had a much larger responsibility than excelling on paper.  "Don't forget, she said, why you fell in love with the field of law in the first place.  You are doing this, so that you can be a great and dedicated lawyer someday."